My Role: Art Direction, Editorial Design
Editors: Caroline Hatchett & Sean Kenniff
Photography: Jaclyn Warren
Issue date: April 2019

Starchefs Rising Stars: Philadelphia

Rising Stars is a quarterly national magazine published by StarChefs. This magazine honors up-and-coming chefs and culinary professionals, who represent the forefront of the contemporary American dining scene. This issue celebrates the food scene of Philadelphia.

On the Cover
Philly loves its carbs, and so do we. A local Philly artist fills our cover with bagels, babka, pretzels, doughnuts, and all the gluten.


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The Solo Effect

Zahav changed Philadelphia’s dining scene--if not the country’s. By introducing the city to Israeli and Middle Eastern flavors and dishes, Solo has created a robust market for the cuisine, and other chefs and restaurant groups are opening restaurants to fill the demand. This feature highlights the best of Middle Eastern/Med/Israeli in Philly.


Photostyling by Beth Moeur | Photography by Jacyln Warren 

Pennsylvania wines have come a long way. In house studio photography of 7 wines from Pennsylvania winemakers. The photo-driven feature talks about notes on the wines and producers. There’s Nebbiolo, Carmine, Riesling, Merlot, and more growing in the Keystone State.


Rising Stars Map

An illustrative interior map of all the Rising Stars restaurants.

Art Direction: Beth Moeur 
Illustration: Kailey Whitman


Interior spreads