Maori  | Illustration done in charcoal 16″x34″

During my time in New Zealand, I had the privilege of meeting the indigenous Polynesian people of the country known as Maori. I immediately became fascinated with Ta moko, often referred to as Maori tattoo. Ta moko is highly sacred art form that is commonly seen on the faces of the Maori people.

The challenge of this illustration was to capture the composition and tonality of each square individually. The process is done by creating a square grid on top of the black and white image that would then be rendered square by square onto another surface. This method gives a new meaning to the abstract imagery of each square.




Castleness | Illustration done in sumi ink 16″x20″

This illustration conveys the idea of a castle represented by my own persona. A small home afloat in the midst of towering islands topped by rainforests is an interpretation of my kingdom. The juxtaposition of the home and towering islands create a sense of seclusion, peace and simplicity.

 My kingdom embodies living an uncluttered, simple environment and an uncluttered, simple life. The home surrounded by water and islands helps rid of myself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on just the surrounding environment.